Blue/Navy Plaid Handmade Wool Rug, Made in India

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Blue/Navy Plaid Handmade Wool Rug. A reversible blue/navy plaid handmade wool rug area rug is a type of rug made of wool fibers that has a blue and navy plaid pattern on both sides, allowing it to be used on either side. This is made possible by the unique construction of the rug, which is reversible and has the same pattern on both sides.. The handmade construction of the rug means that it was crafted by hand, rather than by machine, resulting in a unique texture and appearance. The wool fibers used to make the rug are typically of high quality, providing durability and longevity to the rug.. Handmade and 100-percent wool, no latex. The size and shape of the rug can vary, depending on the specific product. Some may be rectangular, while others may be circular or oval. The thickness of the rug can also vary, with some being thin and lightweight, and others being thicker and more plush.. The reversible nature of the rug makes it a versatile addition to any room, as it can be flipped over to provide a different look or to extend the life of the rug. This also makes it a good option for those who like to change their decor frequently or who want a rug that can be used in different rooms or spaces. Overall, a reversible blue/navy plaid handmade wool rug area rug can be a stylish, practical, and durable choice for any home..

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