Hand-Tufted Wool Rust Traditional Oriental Morris Rug, Made in India

Size: 4' x 6', 5' x 8', 8'X10', 9'X12', 10'X14', 2' x 10', 6' x 6'
Color: Rust
Material: Wool

Size: 5' x 8'

4' x 6'
5' x 8'
2' x 10'
6' x 6'

Color: Rust


Material: Wool


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The Hand-Tufted Wool Rust Traditional Oriental Morris Rug is a rich and elegant floor covering that combines traditional craftsmanship with a warm, earthy color palette. Crafted through the meticulous hand-tufting technique, this rug is a testament to skilled artisanal work.

The primary color, rust, adds a sense of warmth and sophistication to the rug. This deep, reddish-brown hue is often associated with traditional Oriental and Persian rugs, creating a timeless and classic aesthetic. The rug's design typically features traditional Morris motifs, which may include intricate floral patterns, geometric shapes, and other ornate details. These elements contribute to the rug's overall sense of cultural richness and historical charm.

Wool is the chosen material for this rug due to its natural resilience and luxurious texture. The hand-tufting process ensures a dense and plush pile, providing comfort underfoot while maintaining the rug's durability and longevity.

The Hand-Tufted Wool Rust Traditional Oriental Morris Rug is well-suited for spaces where you want to evoke a sense of timeless beauty and cultural heritage. It can be an excellent addition to formal living rooms, dining areas, or any room where you seek to infuse a touch of traditional elegance and warmth. The combination of the rust hue, classic design, and high-quality craftsmanship makes this rug a standout piece in creating a refined and inviting atmosphere.