Hand Knotted Wool Navy Traditional Oriental Serapi Design Rug, Made in India

Size: 3'X5', 4'X6', 6'X9', 8'X10', 9'X12', 10'X14', 12' X 15', 2' x 8'
Material: Wool
Color: Navy

Size: 6'X9'

12' X 15'
2' x 8'

Material: Wool


Color: Navy


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The Hand-Knotted Wool Navy Traditional Oriental Serapi Design Rug is a refined and classic floor covering that showcases the artistry of traditional craftsmanship and a timeless design. Meticulously hand-knotted, this rug reflects the skill and dedication of skilled artisans.

The primary color, navy, adds a touch of sophistication and depth to the rug. Navy is a popular choice for traditional Oriental rugs, conveying a sense of elegance and providing a versatile backdrop that complements various interior styles.

The term "Serapi Design" refers to a traditional rug style inspired by Persian and Oriental designs. Serapi rugs typically feature elaborate geometric patterns, floral motifs, and a well-balanced composition that pays homage to the rich heritage of traditional craftsmanship.

Crafted from wool, the rug offers a luxurious and durable texture underfoot. Wool is known for its resilience, natural properties that resist stains, and its ability to maintain its appearance over time, making it a practical choice for both beauty and functionality.

This Hand-Knotted Wool Navy Traditional Oriental Serapi Design Rug is well-suited for formal spaces such as living rooms, dining rooms, or any area where you want to introduce a touch of timeless elegance. The combination of the deep navy color, classic Serapi design, and meticulous hand-knotting craftsmanship make this rug a sophisticated and enduring addition to your home.