Orange Contemporary Paisley Round Area Rug Area Rug, Made in India

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A hand-tufted wool orange Transitional Floral Paisley rug is a type of area rug that is made using a tufting tool to push wool yarn through a fabric backing to create a pile. The rug's construction method, hand-tufting, is less time-consuming and less expensive than hand-knotting, but still results in a durable and long-lasting rug. The orange color of the rug is bold and vibrant, adding warmth and energy to a room. The specific shade of orange may vary depending on the rug's design and dyeing process.. The rug's transitional floral paisley style features a combination of floral and paisley motifs, which creates a unique and eye-catching design. The rug's transitional style blends traditional and modern elements, making it a versatile addition to any home decor.. The wool fibers used in the rug's construction are high-quality and offer excellent durability and resilience. The pile of the rug is dense and plush, providing a comfortable and cozy surface underfoot.. Overall, a hand-tufted wool orange Transitional Floral Paisley rug is a beautiful and functional piece that can add character and style to any room. Its unique design, bold color, and high-quality construction make it a valuable addition to any home decor..

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